Manage lockers without worries.
Developed for the education market.

Automate the entire process and ensure effective time savings of more than 95% within your educational institution.


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Discover why more than 40 school organisations of all sizes love using

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Students reserve their own locker online.

Issuing and returning lockers on time has never been so self-evident.

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Booking system with calendar

Any desired rental period, where future reservations are made possible.

Floor plans

Visualize your lockers inside buildings for targeted issuing and better findability.

Connect to learning environment

Access with your own school account, so that optional class restrictions can be set.

Payment methods (optional)

Full payment management system with automised rental and deposits clearings.


No fixed monthly costs and only charged per locker that is actually in use.

Also works with keys and pincodes

Process keys more efficiently with barcodes or send PINs encrypted via mail

Manage everything from one dashboard.

Automate (annual) recurring activities once and focus on the primary school tasks again that really matter.


An overview of all reservations and locker occupancies at a glance.


Compose messages that are sent automatically and at the right time.


Open locker(s) remotely for a check or scheduled cleaning.


Fully automated rent and/or deposit payments with reports for finance.

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Seamless student app. Simple to use.

Save yourself the time of answering questions about reservations, where students can find their locker and/or how it can be operated.

One-click registration

Direct access to the app via the school account. No further (email) verification is required.

Open locker

The student can easily open the reserved locker with their own smartphone (in addition to a card).


Students can quickly find their locker inside any building or area based on the floor plans shown.


Communicate automatically via push notifications about, for example, the approaching end of a rental period.

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Lockers and locks in harmony.

Get started with lockers and locks that have been particularly developed for use within the education.

Electronic locks.

✓ Push-to-open with school card and/or smartphone app.
✓ Sensors for detecting items that were left behind.
✓ Light up the darkness with high power LED lights.
✓ No loss of space, the lock is integrated into the wall.

Student proof lockers.

✓ Sturdy, double door with dent guarantee.
✓ Pitched roof prevents rubbish from being left behind.
✓ Smart construction ensures effective usage of m2.
✓ Building kit system makes lockers moveable later on.

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The three most frequently asked questions.

Below are our answers on those already. Is your question not listed? Please contact us.

What about data security?

All data is securely stored by Rentyourlocker on protected servers in our data center and only for the duration of the reservation. Rentyourlocker is also a member of the Education Privacy Convenant and we therefore work with a Model Processor Agreement specifically written for the education market, which guarantees that temporary storage of personal data is handled with the utmost care.

Am I obliged to ask for a rental amount?

No. How a locker is handled at schools is not specifically laid down in law. Research shows that, in practice, lockers are generally provided annually and on a voluntary basis. If the use of a locker is mandatory, the school can provide the locker free of charge. If the use of a locker is not mandatory, the school may charge a fee. When a fee is asked there are interesting VAT obligations and benefits.

How does it work with key or code lockers?

Many advantages of the software can also be used with all current key and/or code lockers already in place. Think of accelerating issuing and returning lockers by students, digitalise payments and automating communication, for example. An additional advantage is that each location can scale up to an electronic locking system in phases, without having to get used to new software again.

Demo by Lockie™!

Experience for yourself how easy students can reserve and control a locker!
Lockie™ is a smart, lightweight, wireless locker box. Play, without the plug.