Hassle-free locker rental system

Applicable to any existing locker setup, no new hardware needed.

Student or parent?

College or school?

Proven time and cost-saving

Software that facilitates in each step of the locker rental process.

Rental portal for end-users

Integrated on your website, where no IT involvement is required. Preferred lockers can be selected based upon availabilty and communication with end-users is been taken care off.

Automated processing of payments

Funds are stored within a third-party escrow account. Outstanding balances are transferred to finance with a preferred frequency. Deposits are optional and returned to the end-user upon release.

Overview dashboard for operators

Giving a real-time overview of the current locker and payment statuses, including advanced locker filtering options and shortcuts to quickly change a user or set a locker out of order.

Efficient key, card or pincode issuance

The efficiency of key, card and or pincode management has been greatly improved. This has been achieved by using barcodes, convenient batch files or third-party system integrations.

"For each student, so per locker, we now spend an average of 5 minutes per year. This was previously more than 30 minutes per locker per year."
ROC van Amsterdam
Satisfied Customer
"It saves us lots of time administrating lockers and keys. Having no cash flows anymore, saved us the most of time."
Esprit Scholen
Satisfied Customer
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