About Us

Rentyourlocker was founded in 2016 and was able to run an extensive pilot at a big school organisation in Amsterdam
(The Netherlands) that same year. The knowledge gained there has been broadened and gradually applied to various other educational institutions experiencing the same type of challenges. That resulted in an active client database of 46 educational institutions in 3 different countries today.

Our Goal

Realizing an automation process around lockers of annually recurring activities, so that the educational support staff can focus again on their primary school tasks that really matters.

Facility Management: Automation and support with lockers for all (daily) tasks.

Finance: Automation and administration of the many (individual) transactions every year.

Students: Unique platform where they can search, reserve and control their own locker.

Recommended for all secondary education

Integrated floor plans make it very easy for 1st year students to reserve and pay for a locker in a building that is still unknown to them.