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Functionalities released and development planned.

Report occupancy lockers

Clients that use our software for more than a year can now also request reports about the rentals of their lockers. These reports provide an occupancy rate; in general, by type of lock, by type of department, by type of lock, etc.

This makes it easier for facility management to order new hardware in a targeted manner, should this be necessary. Does orientation on new hardware not begin with an overview of the current situation?

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New Collaborations

Information evening for parents at the Almeerse Scholen Groep location Echnaton who is the first that is going to run on a combination of

– A Locker Builder (De Lockerfabriek)
– A wired LockerManagementSysteem (Releezme van Vecos);
– An online platform for locker selection and payments (

This not only makes the student happy, but also facilitates and finances. All cash flows have been removed within the claim and release of lockers during the year (rent, deposit).

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Upcoming Smartphone App Q1 2019

We’re currently working on a Smartphone App for locker rentals to end-users.
The app will become an alternative for the web-interface offered and is scheduled to be released in Q1 of 2019.

RFID and or NFC controls are optional. Third-party locker management systems interested in pairing can contact Peter van der Pol.

Visit our website for more upcoming updates regarding this topic!

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GDPR Privacy Policy Compliance

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is a European regulation meant to give end-users (consumers) more control over their personal data. All organisations storing personal data of citizens or residents of the European Union (EU) have to comply … Read More

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2D Locker selection floor plans

As requested by many, it’s now possible to add a 2D locker selection to your platform based upon floor plans of your building.
This makes it very visual for end-users to select a locker of preference. The system point out all lockers that are still available for rent with the green color, all other lockers are not clickable.
This new feature makes it possible for end-users to select a floor, area and to pin point there exact locker on the map.

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Additional Payment Methods Added

The software has been expanded with several new payment methods to receive your funds from end-users with.
The newly added payment methods are: Visa, MasterCard, Bancontact / Mister Cash and SOFORT Banking.
We already integrated iDeal for the Dutch market.

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We can inform our students now much better, via email, about key pick ups and returning times.

Berlage Lyceum
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Promotional Video Release (Dutch)

We’re proud to present our promotional video release in The Netherlands.

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