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Time saving, correct administration and payments on time. The reservation went smoothly. Recommended!

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Jan Fokkens
Purchasing Manager
CSG Liudger

Service points are relieved; no more long queues. Finance has a direct view of all payments through the automatic processing of it.

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Nanda Westhof-Meijer Teamleader ICT
Nova College

I am really very satisfied with Rentyourlocker and would never want it any other way, just like my staff. It really saves days of work!

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Margit Verheggen
Head of Facility Management

Rentyourlocker relieves the organization a lot. Reservations are very easily arranged and collecting our funds is now done fully automated.

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Tobias Smits
Financial Controller
CSG Liudger

Floor plans make it very easy for 1st year students to reserve and pay for a locker in a building still unknown to them.

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Nico Nieuwenhuis
Chief Concierge Borculo

It takes so many administrative tasks off your hands. It saves days of work at the end of the school year! We are happy to share our experiences.

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Theo Diepeveen
Concierge | BHV
Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal

The guidance we receive is very good, if we have any questions. Payments are also handled automatically. All very nicely arranged!

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Karen Smelt
Coordinator Education Doetinchem

Applying for a locker is very simple for the student. That makes the rental for the educational institution problem-free.

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Jos Jeunhomme
Facility Coordinator
ROC van Amsterdam

It removes a lot of tasks from our concierges and Rentyourlocker proactively thinks along with the organisation and its wishes

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Daan Overweg
Conciërge Zwolle
Rentyourlocker is a recommendation!

Time savings, correct administration and payments on time. The reservation went smoothly. Recommended!